Thursday, May 26, 2011

QR Codes, what is it, and what's it good for?

Ever see one of these before?

Not the guy or the tee shirt, but the thing on the tee shirt.

If you haven't, chances are you are about to, and you're about to see them everywhere!

This is a QR code and believe it or not, if you were to scan it with a special App on your smart phone, will pop up! 

QR codes allow smart phone users to photograph a code through a QR reader program and be redirected to a website, video or text message.

Check out this link and have some fun with this QR code creator.

There are many different possible uses for the QR code. Add them to any print advertising, flyers, posters, invites, TV ads etc. containing:

• Product details

• Contact details

• Offer details

• Event details

• Competition details

• A coupon

• Twitter, Facebook, MySpace IDs

• A link to your YouTube video

We plan to start using QR Codes in our marketing too! Keep a look out for specials, coupons and the like on Facebook, our web site and e-mail blasts.

If you use a smart phone, scan here: 

Be sure to visit our web site, for more information!

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